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Tenant Representation is not transactional. It's a relationship. When a company (retail, office, industrial) requires space to operate, it's not just about finding the space. When we search for locations, we start with the needs of the client. We ask probing questions to ensure our search is precise and we ensure that we put ourselves in our client's shoes, looking at the long-term effects of the decisions and the chance to make sure each detail is well planned and accounted for.


We also want to look past the publicly marketed sites and call on properties where there isn't a "for lease" sign in the window. If that is the area within which our client wants to operate, then we do the extra digging to see if spaces will soon become available. The upfront work matters. Once a location is found, the service flips to ensuring a well-negotiated deal.


Our job is to act as your real estate department. We will work with you on the financial metrics that matter most to you when evaluating the cost of your new location, we will work with the landlord as representatives of your brand to ensure the best long-term outcome is achieved. Once the deal is signed, our work is not over, we stay with you through any other planning, organization, and preparation you need.


Tenant Representations is about the relationship, not the transaction.

If interested contact Adam at or call 902-488-9550. 

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