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About Adam

Thanks for clicking and reading more. Adam entered the real estate business over 10 years ago because he found it fascinating. Though his mother's family was involved in various parts of the real estate world, they lived in Ontario so Adam wanted to bring some of that family experience home to Halifax. He sought out experience with the largest firm, where he gained exposure to international clients and large transactions within his first years. He hasn't looked back since. Adam led an office for a large firm and worked with, even to this day, with large national and international clients. Currently, he does so now from the comfort of his own brokerage, shared with a remarkable residential expert, Mark Stein

Adam focuses his practice on problem-solving. He works with clients who want to be educated as they participate in the process. Those who want clear, consistent communication, and to have someone act as a resource to them, not just an agent. Adam likes to work as your "real estate department" being available for any and all questions and to work on any and all strategies to get you the best results. It's not just about the sale or signing the lease, it's about ensuring you get what you need out of the transaction and ensuring there is a well-rounded, thought-out plan.


Every agent is happy to be paid a commission. Adam intends for you to always know he has earned it. Adam is an "honest to a fault" professional and welcomes the chance to talk shop with you to see if we are the right fit.


Many people have dreams of building an empire. Adam has five children and his hope is that they will, one day, take over the business and run with it, hopefully with fewer toddler tantrums. This is one of the most amazing and stressful parts of any business family's life and it can be complicated. Having participated in the operation of a family-run enterprise for clients before, our firm is uniquely equipped with unlimited patience and very thick skin. We look forward to helping and working with any family-run enterprises and push towards the successful relocation of businesses and sale of real estate assets.

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