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Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia

For over eight years I have been an active participant in a fundraising event called the Different Stage of Mind variety show. This show brought members of the Halifax community on stage, dressed as rockstars, to perform for 200-1000 people in support of mental health. In 2014, I performed with my father as "The Blues Brothers" a nine-minute set that still haunts me (and the audience) to this day. Fast forward to 2020, and I have become a member of the Board of Trustees for the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia and am the Chair of the Fund Development Committee. Supporting this charity has been a very meaningful experience for me and my young family. On the surface, we all seem great, but there is always room to lend support to others, or more courageous, to speak up when you need the support yourself. My family and brokerage are proud to be annual supporters of the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia and would encourage you to learn more here

The IWK Foundation

I am a father of five kids. My wife is one hell of a mother and an equally impressive health care nurse, working within the Neonatal Intensive Care unit at the wonderful IWK. Needless to say, we feel a great deal of connection to this incredibly important institution. I have been so blessed to have four safe and supportive deliveries through the IWK, especially our last visit where our twin boys were born two months early and ended up in the hospital for 58 days. My wife moved into the family-centred care unit in the NICU and lived with the boys while I was at home with our then 5, 3.5, and 1.5-year-olds. Our family has been blessed time and time again with the experience, support, and expertise of the IWK family and we've chosen to give back in a meaningful way. In 2020, we were pleased to contribute the seed funds for the "Schwartz Rounds" an internationally renowned, peer counseling program to support the mental health of the NICU staff. We intend to make this our legacy project and ensure this fundamental service continues in perpetuity. You can learn more about the program here and you can read about our experience in the NICU here.

The Tema Foundation

For many, a hero wears a cape. For us, we see heroes in the everyday front-line workers of our military, police, fire, and paramedics. Over 20 years ago the Tema Foundation was founded in support of our front-line heroes to ensure they had education, curriculum, and support as they battled PTSD, which so often comes with the job. In 2019, the foundation became the Tema Foundation with a renewed focus on educating our first responders in methodologies to identify the signs of PTSD, and the tools to empower them to speak up and seek help. Learn more here.

Atlantic Jewish Council

Being a born and raised member of the Halifax community brings me a great deal of pride. Having had the opportunity to work around the country, it felt right choosing to stay in Halifax and continue to be a part of our east coast culture. Family is very important to me as well as my extended Jewish community. I believe that faith communities are an integral part to having children learn moral lessons and to build strong bonds within families and communities. Having some shared experience leads to building strong relationships and learning from all people of diverse backgrounds is essential to having empathy and learning shared values. I’ve been the Vice-President of the Atlantic Jewish Council now for the past 3 years. As a young father with many young kids, helping to contribute to organized community activities and help support the community which supported me in my youth is important to me.

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