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Investing in real estate is fun. It simply is fun. The decision to purchase an asset, be it commercial or residential, is a highly personal one for each person. However, ultimately, unlike stocks and bonds, if you are investing in real estate, you really have to want to.


Managing tenants, contractors, bankers, insurance brokers and all the other elements in both preparing to purchase and managing an owned asset, takes time and energy. However, the reward can be very strong when purchasing the right property. Our job is to ensure we set you up for success. We want to know the "why" and we'll help you find it with detailed questions to understand what you want, and how we can make it a "win" for you. We will be honest, blunt, and sincere. We will draw on our own experience as real estate owners to help highlight challenges we've faced as well as where we have found terrific success.


I own commercial and residential property that I purchased myself because I like real estate and I think it is fun. That being said, I can look my clients in the eye and tell them I am an agent with first-hand experience and expertise in what they are hiring me to do for them.

If interested contact Adam at or call 902-488-9550. 

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